InfraRisk, Banjo Loans launch new short-term unsecured loans for small businesses in Australia

Author: | 2021-03-31

Pintec enables China Mobile's subsidiary Aspire Holdings with intelligent fintech solutions

Author: Pintec | 2020-12-18

InfraRisk, Wagepay launch digital wage advance product to disrupt fintech market in Australia

Author: Pintec | 2020-11-16

InfraRisk, Janko join hands to launch next-generation digital lending platform in Australia

Author: Pintec | 2020-09-24

Pintec wins 'Best Consumer Finance Product in China' award from The Asian Banker

Author: | 2020-08-28

Pintec Announces Changes to Management

Author: Pintec | 2020-08-03

Pintec Develops Supply Chain Financing Solutions for China DiLi Group

Author: | 2020-07-07

Pintec Announces Industrial and Commercial Bank of China’s Successful Implementation of its SME Risk Management Solutions

Author: | 2020-07-07

PINTEC Expands Cooperation with China Telecom Bestpay to Offer Handset Installment Services to Government and Enterprise Customers

Author: | 2020-06-19

Pintec Selected as 2020 Asia Pacific “FinTech Fast 101” by IDC

Author: Pintec | 2020-04-24

Pintec Joins Hands with International Technology Giants to Set Up Innovation Center for the Adoption of Robotic Process Automation in Financial Market

Author: Pintec | 2020-04-16

Pintec Cooperates with aiBank to Jointly Explore Online Consumer Financial Services

Author: PINTEC | 2020-02-10

Pintec Joins Hands with Financial Institutions to Provide Relief Measures for SMEs Located in Coronavirus Severely Affected Areas

Author: PINTEC | 2020-02-05

Pintec Announces Strategic Cooperation with West Guarantee

Author: Pintec | 2020-01-09

InfraRisk cloud-based solution to support Judo Bank’s SME lending in Australia

Author: Pintec | 2020-01-05

Pintec Cooperates with China Unicom’s Unicompay to Expand Handset Financing

Author: Pintec | 2019-12-27

InfraRisk Expands Auto Financing Cooperation with Toyota Finance, Taurus Motor Finance

Author: pintec | 2019-12-09

Pintec Partners with ICBC to Facilitate Development of Inclusive Finance

Author: Pintec | 2019-11-28

Pintec Solution Is Selected as Case Study in EO's Recent Report on Consumer Finance

Author: Pintec | 2019-11-04

Pintec Teams up with Caissa Travel to Jointly Explore Intelligent Retail Financing Services

Author: Pintec | 2019-08-05