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China Daily:New online lending rules to boost fintech alliances

“The clearer the regulator defines the use of data, and the clearer the boundaries are between which data can be used and which cannot be used...”Said executive vice-president of Pintec VictorLi.

CHINA DAILY:Online lending alliance to ease credit crunch of SMEs

New coorperation model between fintech companies and financial institutions

Pintec Academy Publishes Report on How SME Financing Is Evolving in China

The report by Pintec Academy analyze the application of digital lending in different fields including payment, e-commerce, tax and logistics as well as the benefit, convenience and challenges it has brought to the SME financing.

Case Study: Fintec Business Model of Taxation Loans for SMEs

The article by Pintec Academy is based on the study of taxation data scenarios and presents the business model, problems in practice and development directions of taxation loan participants.

Pintec Academy: The rise of loans for SMEs on E-commerce platforms

Pintec Academy analyzes the development path of SME loans on e-commerce platforms and discuss the current status and existing problems of the industry. The article was published on the market and finance section of Bloomberg Businessweek (CN version).

Pintec Academy: Leveraging Fintech to Support Financing for SMEs

The fintech solution can help banks improve their SME financing by restructuring credit approval process for SMEs, lowering operation cost with data-driven decisioning, and multi-dimensional and dynamic customer profiling.

Fortune:China’s Fintech Revolution—The Ledger

Zhou Jing,President of Pintec,attended the Fortune Brainstorm Finance Conference and shared opinions during the Chinese Fintech Revolution Roundtable.

Pintec Academy: Online Arbitration Leads New Trend of Collection Mode?

This article by Pintec Academy will delve into the features, practice highlights, current development status and prospects of the new collection mode realized by online arbitration.

Case Study: How We Help Our Client Bank S with SME loans | PINTEC Academy

In this case study, PINTEC Academy will be sharing how PINTEC, here as an SME Finance solutions provider (hereinafter referred to as “SME solutions”), has assisted Bank S in achieving its business growth.

PINTEC Academy: How Can Big Data Help Make Unsecured Loans to Small and Micro-sized Enterprises

This article by PINTEC Academy will explain how PINTEC’s Small and Micro-sized Enterprise Credit Team